Hello, everybody a warm welcome even though here it is raining cats and dogs. So today we’re going to talk about practice sessions, uh, getting a teacher and the idea that one should measure your progress. So let’s start with the first on the obvious one.

How to learn

You can observe someone doing something, say play the guitar, the second is you can read about it, so theory, the last is a combination of the two. You have an instructor. Take, for example, the guitar again. You can read about the guitar, how it works, and so forth or you can get a youtube video of someone playing. But the best is to get a teacher.

What is the best teacher

The one that will help you overcome your limitations, you could Google “the best music teacher” or “what questions should I ask my guitar teacher”, but the best teacher will ask you about your goals.

Example Goals

  1. Play a song solo
  2. Play in a band
  3. Sing a song
  4. Sing a song with accompaniment

do this before you get a teacher


You have to set up your calendar because the teacher will only teach you once a week max so the rest of the time you need to practice yourself.

Here is a draft schedule for 30 min

  1. play the songs you like 5 min
  2. scales and music theory 5 min
  3. learn a new lick or song 15 min
  4. rhythm for 5 min

Understandably you might want to do this for longer but it’s far better to do a little practice often rather than one big session a week.

Here is the podcast summing it all up.

More podcasts at Whooshkaa

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